Projects that matter

Work that matters

Data Science for Social Good.

What is Solve for Good?

Solve for Good is an online platform for social good organizations to post projects they need help with, for volunteers to help scope those projects into well-defined problems, and to help solve those problems.

For social good organizations

Solve enables organizations to use data-driven methods to better achieve their missions. Post your project to connect with skilled volunteers who can:

  • Understand your goals and help scope projects
  • Work with you and other volunteers on those projects
  • Review the solutions and give feedback
  • Help you understand and operartionalize the results

For volunteers

Solve for Good needs a global community of volunteers that are passionate about using technology and data for social good. If you have project scoping, management, or data science skills, join us to:

  • Apply your skills for work that matters
  • Collaborate with other smart and passionate volunteers
  • Gain data science experience and build your portfolio of work
  • Showcase your skills and increase your visibility