What is DSSG Solve

Solve for Good is a platform for social good organizations to describe and submit problems that need data intensive help, and for volunteers to help solve those problems. Once the projects are submitted by the organization, they go through a scoping process (done by scoping volunteers and guided by our Data Science Scoping Process). Once a project scope is finalized and reviewed, it becomes available for data science volunteers to start working on. The finished work is reviewed by a QA team consisting of volunteers and staff of the organization that submitted the project and given back to the organization as well as shared publicly on github.

Why did we create it?

Solve for Good comes out of our experience working with government agencies, non-profits, universities, volunteers, professionals, students, and the private sector over the last several years. We repeatedly get contacted by governments, non profits, and other social good organizations asking for help with data projects. We also get smart, passionate individuals contacting us offering their help, often in a volunteer capacity, on weekends, evenings, or for a few days or weeks. Solve is our attempt at linking these two. We are just starting out, and looking for help in doing this better, and getting feedback from you.

How to join us

You can join us: