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The trust specifically works in for the following areas: 1. Supporting/conducting research to address challenges relating to the agri waste management. 2. Conducting training for farmers and small entrepreneurship and help them integrate with the paddy straw value chain. 3. Partnering with academic institutes and industrial partners for research, funding and outreach activities.

Our Mission is to support research, education, training and solutions deployment to improve the environment and farming community life through novel approaches to utilize agricultural waste for useful purposes. Our vision: Energy Harvest System aims to commercialise the technologies that can be used for utilising paddy straw as an alternative to the current practices of open field burning.

Organization's projects

Project name Summary Status Social impact area
Reducing Crop Burning to Improve Health and the Environment This project is aimed at reducing crop burning and air pollution by: 1) Identifying a) when & where farm waste is being burned, b) what and how much is getting burned, 2) Intervening: by creating a marketplace for crop residue and connecting farmers, collectors and buyers of crop residue to provide better alternatives and reduce burning, and 3) Doing Policy advocacy: inform the government about areas where crop waste is getting burned and also, do advocacy for policy changes required for utilization of crop waste done_all Completed Health
Energy and Environment
Economic Development
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Years in operation: 1 to 5 years

Yearly budget: <$100K

Geographical scope: Country




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